“India offers special materials and the authenticity is very difficult for other countries to match up with. They always stand out. EPCH fairs are significant platforms to meet leading Indian suppliers.”
Bert de Mey, The Netherlands

 “I import 100% of my products from India and am happy. I have made my enquiries from new suppliers I have found at this fair. We see a lot of Indian produced products in the Italian market.”
Aram  Achadjian, Italy

“I am in love with the Indian craftwork. Indian jewellery & accessories are in high demand in Australia.”
Li-Ann Scott, Australia

“We wholesale garments, bags and accessories. Original Indian goods and handcrafted ones have a great demand at our place.”
Christine Holden, UK

“We sell accessories, handbags, stoles and shawls. I love the originality of the products here and the hard work put in to create them.”
Kuzuhito Ogasawara, Japan

“Our company deals in garments and jewellery. We get a lot more profit from Indian goods than other Asian goods. We keep coming to IFJAS and always find something new and different.”
Mria Rahr, Russia

“I am here for embellished nightwear. I meet my regular suppliers at IFJAS. 60% of the goods in our market are sourced from India. The experience has been very nice.”
JB Arnu, France

“This fair is really been marvellous. I feel Indian products displayed at this fair have a great potential in France. I love needlework accessories. I found the suppliers flexible and their spirit admirable”.
Joann Pigat, France

“Indian fashion accessories are extremely popular; the quality is good with great vendors and nice people. 50% of the products in my stores are from India”.
Debbie Farah, USA

“I am a wholesaler in business since 30 years. For me it’s “Magical India”. I source lots of imitation jewellery from IFJAS”.
Joseph Bucciarilli, Italy

“I find the entire initiative of IFJAS, the exhibitors, the products, etc. outstanding and interesting. Every corner of this show looks impressive.  I am primarily picking hand crafted bracelets for men”.
Daniel Romiro, Spain

“I source for many companies in Japan. My favorites among the products here are bags, scarves and women’s accessories”.
Natsuko Yama, Japan

“I am going to introduce Indian accessories in my product range for the German market so I am hoping to source good assortments. I have already found good suppliers at IFJAS”.
Kristine Smith, Germany

“The best thing about IFJAS is that the dealers are very relevant. I visit to source mainly jewellery components and finished goods”.
James Andrew, USA

“I am greatly impressed with the whole thing. Visiting IFJAS has been “worth the trouble”. Bags and garments are the highlights for me. I would definitely visit again”.
Cassio Sampaio, Brazil

“We all are admirers of Indian crafts. The displayed assortments are good. Handcrafted techniques here are worth a lot of admiration”.
Georgiana Zamfri, Romania

“I find the bracelets and necklaces from India, quite mesmerizing. Back in Greece, there is a good market for Indian fashion jewellery”.
Gatova Gulnara, Greece