The EPCH is presenting a fully digital platform with following features to all buyers:

  • Existing suppliers as well as other volume supplier under one roof
  • Interaction, conferencing, audio and video calls with exhibitors
  • Live Fashion Shows
  • Trend and Forecast
  • Resource Centre
  • Auditorium and more

How to use platform?


Lobby is the first page you will see, a common area that will help you visit other areas and see important announcements.

Exhibition Halls

Where buyer can see supplier / exhibitors’ booths. Buyers can click on any booth. Also buyer can chat (real time) with booth representative in their preferred languages.


The areas where buyer can take part in various webinars, conferences and other activities.

Trend Pavilion

Trend Pavilion is the place where buyer can learn about present fashion trends.

Fashion Shows

Buyers can watch the collection of their respective suppliers through live fashion shows in this area

Resource Centre

Buyers can access lots of literature when have some relax time.

Your BriefCase

A bag / cart in which buyer can collect any object, video and information and access it later, download documents, images etc. in one go.